Masala Chai

Flavoured tea made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs.
Αρωματισμένο τσάι με αρωματικά ινδικά μπαχαρικά και βότανα σε μαύρο τσάι.


Kingfisher Beer

Kingfisher is India’s No.1, the first choice of the nation from Delhi to Doddanapudi, and the leading Indian beer the world over.

Brewed to an authentic and most venerable recipe for more than 150 years, it is the perfect partnership for the heat and spice of even the richest of curries.


Cobra Beer

Cobra Beer is a manufactured in India. A blend of water, malted barley, yeast, rice, maize wheat and three varieties of hops is used to produce the required characteristics.


Mango Lassi

Yoghurt based mango smoothie.
Smoothie με μάνγκο και γιαούρτι.